No Matter what building you choose

Save time & Money with the patented Econo-Slab Foundation.

Stop Digging - Start Building

20 Reasons the Econo-Slab is best;

1. Reduced excavation costs
2. Reduced foundation costs
3. One concrete delivery required
4. One drying period
5. Ideal for remote locations or agricultural installations
6. Ease of construction
7. Reduced use of materials
8. Speed of construction is dramatically improved
9. Suitable for all seismic conditions 10. Single source control
11. No hidden costs
12. Dimensionally stable for ease of installation
13. Eliminate frost penetration & moisture concerns
14.Ideally suited for use with in-floor radiant heating systems
15. Pre-engineered “Econo-Slab” ships ready to install
16. Eliminate hydrostatic water pressure problems
17. Proven technology and fully engineered
18. Sealed Engineer stamped drawings provided
19. Manufactured with state-of-the-art-technology
20. Environmental, Leed and Green product

Pioneer Buildings Canada
"S" Model with custom built front end wall.

You can have this foundation ready to pour in one day with the Econo-Slab foundation system.
This great looking unit is our, stock built, Alpine model.
Put this unit on an Econo-Slab and save.

Pioneer is Canada's best pre-engineered building manufacturer and are registered with the C.S.A.
Pioneer carries an A660, required by law, for a building sold and erected in Canada.

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